Weekly Update from MMS Tv

May 2. 2019

2019 May - THE US Navy release  new guidelines for UFO reporting to be taken seriously, for further investigation, releasing 25 Million US Dollars into investigating reported sightings from US Military personel who report such Aerial  Phenomena. Reported by Fox News.
Coastguard sighting of unknown object.
New York sigthing of multiple flashing glowing spheres.
Weekly update from footage across the Globe.

Here are the links to the sources on YouTube. Note that these videos posibly are posted on many channels and therefore the first original source can be hard to track.

1st video.

Taken from plane uploaded by Alien Planet on Youtube


2nd video.

Uploaded by UAP Information Channel.

UFO Aguadilla Coast Guard UAP Video


3rd video.

Fox News

Navy prepares new guidelines for reporting UFO sightings


4th video.

Uploaded by UFOs over NY.