United Family of Anomaly Hunters

Billy Carson

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Host at Gaia TV and blogger

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Neville Thompson

Gigapan producer

Founder of  FB group

Alien Life Space Moon Earth Anomalies

Will Farrar

Anomaly Hunter

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Karen Christine Patrick

and Bret Collin Sheppard

Anomaly Hunters

Founders of FB groups

Lunar Anomaly Research Society

Earth Anomaly Research Society

Rami Bar Ilan

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Exclusive Mars Images

Chris Moroney

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Mars Anomalies

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Star Children

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Martian Archaeology

For over 2 years, the United Family of Anomaly Hunters has been searching the Solar System for anomalies of all kinds, from Anomalies on the Martian and Lunar surface photographed by NASA's Rovers and Orbiters to UFO's and ancient history related anomalies, including Anunnaki History research.

The members of UFAH have all been featured on various news sites and documentaries for their work such as Jose Escamilla's "UFO's The Greatest History Ever Denied",  MMS TV's "What If" and "DocUFObia".

There is also a YouTube playlist simply named UFAH featuring approximately 85 videos with the members, including interview with well known names such as Ken Johnston, Donna Hare, Gary McKinnon,  Jose Escamilla and various other people.

UFAH has also been featured on various conferences such as ConsciousLifeExpo in Los Angeles, Contact in the Desert, the International Mars conferences and various others where the anomalies have been found and enhanced by the UFAH members has been the main topic. 


The top contributors of anomalies found on Mars are Martine Grainey, David Gannett, Rami Bar Ilan, Gerald Turner, James Tracy and Miša Drezgić, who have dedicated much of their spare time to search out and process images taken from the Martian surface. Alltogether they have catalogued many thousands of anomalies from the Martian surface.

Below is a video from the 6th Annual Mars Conference with David Gannett explaining his thoughts on "The Dome" found on one of the Opportunity Rover's many images, together with Thomas Mikey Jensen who also attended as speaker at the conference together with Billy Carson, Bret Colin Sheppard, Karen Christine Patrick and Chris Moroney. 

Lunar Anomalies

The top contributors of Lunar anomalies is Bret Colin Sheppard and his partner Karen Christine Patrick, who in collaboration with former NASA contractor and part of the Apollo 11 team, Dr Ken Johnston, have processed thousands of images from the now famous "original Apollo archive" that is known to contain anomalies that cannot to be seen on NASA's digitised, public, available version (Hmmm)

Also known for processing lunar images, is Miša Drezgić, who also has spent thousands of hours looking through archive after archive to find many anomalies. 


When it comes to producing Gigapans of the Lunar and Martian surface, the credit goes to UFAH member Neville Thompson.

Neville has produced hundreds of Gigapans and is the cornerstone in UFAH as his Gigapans are the foundation for most of the anomalies found on Mars.

So in that way Neville can be credited in most of the anomalies found by the UFAH members.

His Gigapans can be found on http://www.gigapan.com/profiles/pencilnev

But be aware ! When you first start to look for anomalies on his Gigapans, you won't  be able to stop. The quality is outstanding and excellent.

Thomas Mikey Jensen

Co founder

Host and founder of 

Mars Moon Space TV

Martine Grainey

Anomaly Hunter

Founder of FB group

Martian Genesis

David Gannett

Anomomaly Hunter

3D image processor

David Gannett on YouTube

Joe White

Anomaly Hunter

Founder of

ArtAlienTV Mars Zoo

and FB group

Art Alien Mars Magazine

James Tracey

Anomaly Hunter

Founder of FB group

Mars A Civilization Lost

Gerald Turner

Anomaly Hunter

Miša Drezgić

Anomaly Hunter

Founder of FB group


Space Technology & Anomaly Research

Dominic Joyce

UFAH sharing officer

Founder of FB group

Solar System Collective

UFAH Documentaries and videos

When it comes to producing videos and documentaries on the subject of Life in the Universe and the search for anomalies, the top contributors from UFAH are Chris Moroney from Mars Anomalies with approximately 350 videos available on the subject of anomalies found on Mars and on the Moon. Chris is doing a great job exposing NASA in a constructive way, showing how they hide evidence on the Martian surface.

Thomas Mikey Jensen from Mars Moon Space TV with approximately 632 videos with featuring anomalies found on Mars and on the Moon, also produces documentaries such as "DocUFObia" and "What If "together with

Dollie Indigostar and Billy Carson.

Thomas has also covered the subject of the Baltic Sea Anomaly since 2011 up and until now, which ended up with the documentary "The Unsolved Mystery"

Will Farrar From Whatsupinthesky37 has more than 700 videos behind him.

Will is one of the YouTube pioneers within the Anomaly field.

Will has covered Mars and Moon anomalies and various other subjects on his channel.

Will Farrar is also known as a regular guest on Richard Hoaglands show The Other Side Of Midnight, where many of his videos and findings have been featured.


Joe White from ArtalienTV Mars Zoo

Joe has more than 630 videos uploaded on his channel, all about anomalies found on Mars and on the Moon. 

Joe has been featured on various news sites and productions around the globe.


Regarding the subject of UFO's, the UFAH members

Billy Carson, Dollie Indigostar and Thomas Mikey Jensen have lead the quest for contributing to a weekly live stream called Social Media UFO's.

The live stream has been broadcast via Mars Moon Space TV's page on Facebook every Wednesday for the last 6 months and all the streams are to be found on MMS TV's page. 

The UFO research has been separated from UFAH's page, since the subject is considered to be "too big" for many viewers. But it is still considered to be as important as anomaly hunting within the UFAH family.

Brian Hopkins From Martian Archaeology

Brians YouTube channel is one of the most viewed channels of all.

You will find more than 200 videos on his channel covering Lunar and Mars anomalies.

UFAH was founded in June 2015 By Billy Carson and Thomas Mikey Jensen, with the purpose to reign in anomaly hunters onto one page to reach out to even more people as one strong unit.​

Today UFAH has more then 13000 followers. 

You can visit and like UFAH here