The Unsolved Mystery

The Unsolved Mystery Part 1
Ocean X Team

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What do people think about the Baltic Sea Anomaly (BSA) today

5 years later ?

I've asked The Ocean X Team and a'lot of other people about their thoughts on the subject, and i got many different opinions.

See Episode 1 and hear what the members of Ocean X Team


See Episode 2 and hear what Geologist, Ancient history

researcher and UFO believes has to say.

A special thanks to following people for their contributions.


Peter Lindberg

Co founder of Ocean X Team


Dennis Åsberg              

Co founder of Ocean X Team


Stefan Hogeborn           

Diver at Ocean X Team


Cai Magnusson    

Captain at Ocean X Team


Laura Funke

Moderator at Ocean Explorer Facebook group


Stan Constantin            

UFO believer


John Johnstone            



Billy Carson

Researcher and founder of 4Bidden knowledge 


Grant Pearson



Jan Peter De Jong

Ancient History Researcher


Oliver Byass

Youtuber Olvis 51


Angela Davis

Anomaly and history researcher


Jarmo Korteniemi

Planetary Geomorphologist



Hauke Vagt

Moderator at Ocean Explorer Facebook group and animation artist


Peter Lök

Animation artist


Twenty Tod

Animation artist


Christophe Guegán

Animation artist


Emil Marczak

Drone video recording (Marczark film)


Jack Herbon

Youtuber Sonofmybarker


Tonny Jersholm

Technical it helper

Production by 

Thomas Mikey Jensen



Expressions and thoughts given in The Unsolved Mystery, only represent the person that speak.

The pictures of the Baltic Sea Anomaly are Animated pictures and not real (except for the sonar / Blueview scan, the video and underwater photos made by Stefan Hogeborn).

The Unsolved Mystery part 2
The peoples voice

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