The best Mars satellite image ever

What is a photographic evidence of life in the Universe ?

When speaking of life on Mars, the satellite image M1800558 must be one of the best candidates for the nomination.

With a distance of 385 kilometer from the Martian surface the Mars Global Surveyor took in August 2000 what at the time was one of the best high resolution images of the surface of Mars.

No 1

The satellite image that is available at http://www.msss.com is known for having the "Jupiter 2" UFO or the Unidentified Parked Object (UPO), that was found by Mars researcher Bret Colin Sheppard also known for his Facebook page "LARS" Lunar Anomaly Research Society.

The UPO is measured to be approximately 200 meters wide.

No 2

Besides the "UPO" the famous "Mining facility" was found just a few hundred meters away from the UPO.  The facility has clearly a platform connected to the 250 meter wide hole in which is believed to be a mining hole or an entrance to inner Mars. The facility was pointed out by Thomas Mikey Jensen from UFAH (United Family of Anomaly Hunters)













No 3

An artificial construction is clearly visible at the same satellite image just a few kilometers north of the UPO and the mining area.

Its an outstanding evidence of clearly visible artificial created construction on the Martian surface. Its pointed out by Thomas Mikey Jensen.