Suzanne Hansen

UFO researcher and experiencer

  • Founding Director UFOCUS NZ Research Network (2000)

  • 42 years experience in UFO/UAP sighting investigation & research

  • Public relations spokesperson

  • Available for conference lectures / group speeches

  • Archivist & website manager

  • International speaker & lecturer

  • Published author, documentaries, interviews, articles

Suzanne Hansen was attending at Exopolitics Denmarks UFO conference in September 2015.

She gave the presentation: "ET Contact and the Dual Soul Connection" at The National Museum.


I (Thomas Mikey) was a guest and saw her presentation which amazed me.  I had never heard of Suzanne Hansen before and was astonished by her wonderful and well organized speech and presentation. 


The topics went from Alien visitations, abductions, UFO's to well formulated explanations of onboard equipment on the "ships" and witness testimonies.

Following video is an interview with Suzy by Thomas Mikey Jensen and Dollie Indigostar.

Extra interview with Suzy Hansen by Dollie Indigostar

in Denmark September 2017