"Secret Space Whistleblowers"

We Need Your Knowledge

Secret Space Program. Secret Agenda's !
A century of dis information and lies from the governments, black budgets, inter planetary space ships, breakaway civilizations etc etc.
Mars Moon Space TV will dig deeper into the Secret Space Program in a new documentary to be released in 2018.
We seek people with insight knowledge for our next recordings beginning in November.

Do you know someone who could be of interest for this project ? Let them know about this project, or send us a mail at

Dollie and Thomas going to USA

Hey Guys.

Heads up from Dollie, Thomas and Billy.

We are overwhelmed at the generosity shown to us by our dedicated supporters and fans here at Mars Moon Space TV. 

We have now received funds enough via our donation button on our website to buy and pay for the flight ticket to Miami for both of us, to meet up with our co host Billy Carson.  

But we still need to get some more technical equipment and hotel funding for our next amazing out of this world documentary that will be recorded in March 2018 at various locations in the US. So please keep the flow going guys, we together are disclosure.

We are halfway now in funding, Please consider a donation to help us continue our work by using the link below.

Thank you all for your support.  Dollie and Thomas.

You can email us at

Update November 30. 2017

We have now booked our flight and will be in Florida in week 10+11


People who accepted our invitation to join us in this documentary. 

( updated Dec 2. 2017)

Elena Kapulnik. SSP experiencer

Tony Rodrigues. SSP experiencer 

William White Crow. US Army - CIA - Darpa - SSP

Suzy Hansen. Author - Abduction and contactees Researcher - 

Laura Eisenhover. Mars Whistleblower

More to come  Stay Tuned.

New update February 24, 2018

We have now finished the recordings with Elena The Star traveler and Tony Rodrigues.

William White Crows recordings are still in editing progress.

We will be doing the next recordings in Miami Thursday 15 of March.