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Dartmoor National Park - Ancient Ruins and Circles

One of the many stone circles on Dartmoor

I am very fortunate to live on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, Devon England. An area of natural stunning beauty, with rolling moors, scattered with ancient artefacts and stone circles. Alongside the many tales and myths of Dartmoor ranging from the Black cats, Ghostly figures and Ancient life beyond records from the begining of Neolithic man and the Bronze age. The vast hard terrain, harsh moors and open valleys that stretch for miles, and can seem dauntingly large once your actualy up there. I did at one point say I feel so very very small all of a suden, like a speck of dust in a big pond. YOU NEED SUPPLIES - A compass at hand,map,supplies, walking boots and weather kit alongside some small vital survival kit essentials is needed for any visit here.

I have always had a facsination with stones and circles, and as many of you know Stonehenge and Avebury are on my most visited often list. As a researcher geographical locations are of importance to me and I spend many hours searching for evidence that can correlate in many areas of my research and work. I have a collection of stone circles, circles in general globaly, similar in shape,size, geometry, astrologicaly and sometimes recorded as sacred sites, that all seem to have similar patterns, era of construction or timelines. many of these circles popping up simultainiously overnight, globaly. Not hundreds, but thousands,thousands. I took interest on Dartmoor for research and found similar circles, so with map in hand,we gathered supplies and headed out to the moors in a small trio, a friend Alan Patterson joined in on this occasion. We set our car at AVON DAM located just outside Ivybridge on the South of Dartmoor. We knew our location of interest an planned out our route on foot with our beloved dog Dottie too. We had a 7 mile trek ahead and started out 10.30am walking, by the time we had reached the dam after 2 miles we were already feeling we had legs, and they actualy walk, yeah, power on Dollie haha, so we walked to the DAM which is stunning.

After resting we carried on route, and after 30 mins realised we had chosen the most awkward route over rough terrain, falling in holes,bogs and streams Alan ))) a moment I didnt have a camera for, I heard oh F**K and splash, man down holding his phone in one hand shouting obceneities of a hysterical nature. Alan decided he should dry off at this point and we continued alone with the dog.

We came to a location check in point which was not far from the place of interest we wanted to look at, an amazing stone little bridge, we crossed over and realised we now had a trek 2 miles uphill and over to the final destination. How many times I stopped to breathe, geez, we made it to the top, our dog waiting patiently for us all the way. Once at the top we walked for a mile came across another couple and asked if there were any interesting ruins, they were just walkers unaware and plodded on their own journey. We realised it had been 2 hrs since we left Alan and thought we must still be a few miles from our location point, we had walked miles and were basicaly unsure as our phone decided to not respond to any commands. We sat for a moment then I noticed we were on raised bedded stones, we walked up a covered constructed rock formation, on the top it opened to a oblong shaped inset building remain, OMG, what were we standing on, puzzled we looked around and Thomas noticed sheep wool, lots of it, then there was a bone here and there, then the whole carcus, snapped bones knawed through and basicaly no more than a few days eaten, I immediately looked for more evidence and noticed another patch of eating ground, OK TIME TO GET OUT, was we in a WILD CATS kitchen ? What could chew through bones of a fully grown sheep like that, a Dog wouldnt do it, there are no WOLVES on Dartmoor, however there are tales of irresponsible Wild cat owners releasing over the moors in the late 60s and 70s where owning such wild beasts was popular and fashionable. There have been many incidents and reports and sightings of such large animals that roam on this vast landscape, seriously if I had seen one and ran with that terrain you stand no chance. The response was THOMAS time to GO...... we did get out of there and decided next time you need some kind of protection of alternative thoughts.

The walk back we found intrestingly we had not only crossed and walked directly upon what we were looking for, walked rough terrain with no need as we found a path, then once walking back on this path we came across multiple stone circles. We not only giggled at our adventures like Lara Croft and Indiana Jones on a mission, but at the fact that its possible the TRUTH was infront of us all the time ?

We are now replanning a visit with this time fully AWAKE - nearly a lesson learned.

It seems the easiest thing to do to go trekking what harm could come from walking - LOTS -

There are many sites of interest on Dartmoor from Tin mines, copper mines and quarrys. There also seems to be stones, or remains of buildings and sectioned lands that also house circles which suggests an ancient pressence was active, thriving and living upon the moors, with irrigation systems and waterways that feed fields similar to those in Cambodia not far from Angor Wat, which is seeming the peoples of this timeline on a global scale all had the same techniques from one side of the globe to the other. A time when apparent man did not have the means to oversea travel yet, or communication with the other side of the globe, a time before written language was invented. So how can this be we ask for all these sites to match up in design, technique and structure. This would suggest that whatever first introduced mankind to writing and building, did so on a global scale.

The sites we found of interest need further investigation and indepth research.

I have a few meeting arranged with Dartmoor experts to talk further on many interesting finds and artefacts that have been uncovered from this astounding moorland.

to be Continued -

Dollie & Thomas

Sheep Remains we found on Dartmoor April 2019

One of many square shaped rocks scattered in circle formations Dartmoor

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