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Anunnaki Research - Stone Circle Visits

Saturday 20th April Sunday 21st April - Roadtrip to Oxford Ashmolean Museum, Via Stonehenge and Avebury.

Oxford Ashmolean Museum in England, our visit was astounding and captivating, we could of stayed hours and beyond days, studying the many artefacts and stunning historical documents and recordings on display there throughout the Museum. Worth the visit and will return again very soon to overlook these precious artefacts once again.

The King list was the main focal point of our visit. The Sumerian King List is an ancient tablet that was recorded on wet clay, depicted language to be written in sumerian cuneform writting, listing all the Kings of early Sumer, which is what is now known as Ancient Southern Iraq. The Kingship was known to have been handed down by the GODS and could be transfered from one city to another.

There were cylinder scrolls of precious gemstones to be viewed also, with the many known famous depictions such as creation, the flood, Epic of Gilgamesh.

There were statues from Mesopotamia depicting the Goddess Inanna, Enki, Enlil and Marduk. There was also a very rich collection of Ancient Egypt which was astounding, yet some of the artefacts were not desribed correctly and was confusing to understand why such historical objects had been displayed with the wrong depictions or information. There were many hyroglyphic walls, objects, statues to Isis, Osiris, Horus and RA, that makes us question deeply, into the search for TRUTH and why it is important to educate ourselves in knowledge, research and findings that continue to change the course of History and the Human origins of humanity homosapien species, creation or evoloution alongside the many magical mystery tales of a Higher Source. The magnificent Egyptian era was very rich in knowledge, advanced technology, geometary, astrology and medicaly aware indepth. The list goes on into the very true nature of what we know and understand of technology and what it is. Frequency played a big part in Egypt from many angles, from building to lifestyles, the obsession with the Gods and Energy is clear to see throughout the whole of Egyptian History, sacred grounds, tombs, caves and tunnels, many artefacts and Pyramids still to be uncovered. There are 118 found to date small and large across the GLOBE that correlate and connect to many other sacred sites built seemingly around the same period, located along LEY lines or Energy grids of the Planet Earths natural crystalline grids. There are many Museums globaly that have in possesion Egyptian and Sumerian Artefacts, many of these Museums have Free entry, but check before hand to avoid dissapointment. We will be visiting many museums globaly and putting our findings for the public to access in our Gallery to this blog.

We arrived the day before to stay with a fellow Team member of Anunnaki History Dominic Joyce and family who were very welcoming and provided us with accomodation.

Anunnaki History team members Dominic Joyce Thomas Mikey Jensen Dollie Indigostar Jensen

Staying with our fellow member of AH -

I had the most bizzare encounter with his neighbour called Kerry (crow) which I named her, whilst in the middle of a conversation with Dom about a mutual friend who had passed over, Crows and Ravens were mentioned as I have always felt such a deep connection with the Bird Tribe and celestial beings as guides or Spirit connections. Astoundingly Dom then said meet my neighbour here who takes care of injured crows from roadside or abandonment, my heart skipped a beat, WOW these birds are here wherever I go no matter where I go or live, one always makes itself known, I saw this as a very good and overwhelming sign of authenticity to my own deep spiritual connections, and conformation to me personaly that this visit was meant to be, location, people and timing, that all correlated and connected spiritualy and beyond. I met the neighbour Kerry and we spoke about her service of love towards these winged spirits and how they must appreciate her Love, I appreciated her Love and on behalf of the Crows and Crow Medicine I connect with, from the Mother for her Love. A moment was then shared with her. Not long after she appeared at the gate holding a wrapped cloth bound in leather, she approached me and said I was given this to look after but now I know where it must go, that is with you, and handed me the item, WOW 3 women overwhelmed and speechless, shaking she cried, I cried we all cried. She told me a Shaman Called William BlackCrow had given it to her, then it connected, the friend we were speaking of was William White Crow , and I was discussing how we were looking at crows on the day he passed and I was looking for a crow feather to keep, amazing correlation.

Black Crow Medicine Shaman Tool

I kept the wrapped item safe as I didnt feel ready to open it and wanted a specific time to do so. On my return home after a few days I carefully opened the wrapped item that was in Kerry (Crow) possesion for 20yrs, my eyes gazed upon a very beautiful hand crafted Black Crow wing used for smudging and wafting away negative energy used by Shamans in ritual. With a symbol of a Black Crow on the handle made of leather and intricate bead work, I still cannot get my head around this item being in my hands. I guess more time will tell the answers to that.

Our whole journey was an adventure from start to finish, and over 3 days we had attended so many meaningful places.

We traveled by car instead of train to go via Stonehenge which I personaly have visited many times for the Solstice events June 21st December 21st Winter Solstice, where they are open to the public, to FREELY walk around and touch. I recommend that planning in advance if you are thinking of attending, and not possibly suited to small children, as it seems to have gathered such a crowd over the years, with many free party goers having major drumming circles, performers and rituals, and of course you can take part in if you fancied, I have myself taken part drinking the Mead and eating bread in ceremony celebration of Life and Light, its very interesting to see and take part of such a high vibrational, loving spirited open community. A few followers and fans have met up with us there and shared memories to last a lifetime and friendships beyond knowing. Just being in these places makes my skin, bones and core essence tingle on every sense. I am a people watcher and have noticed, at these sacred sites everyone does the same thing automatically and reaches out for the stones, touch, sense and physical attraction spiritually overwhelms people who stand in these magnificent monolithic stones.

Stonehenge Wiltshire

On our adventure back from Oxford, we stopped by at Stonehenge again at midnight, correlating on a Full Blood Moon, which was breathtaking to see risen over those open planes shining on the stones, we pulled over for a look and to take it all in, then strangely our car woulndt start, no jokes my husband Thomas had to get under the hood, wiggled a few wires and we started again luckily. We then remembered a pull in place very near to the side of the stones so went to see if the gates were locked, WOW they were open, a few other people were down there so we parked up, now 1 am in Stonehenge and not a soul in sight we noticed lights up at the stones so decided to take a closer look, Haaaaa it was security who kindly escorted us of the field. We had an interesting coversation with security who were very kind and knowledgable.

Earlier on in the evening we also dropped by Avebury in Wiltshire, which is located in the village of Avebury directly in the centre, with a small local freindly pub well known to all who visit. One of our good collegues JJ Ainsworth also visits this amazing and unusual location with set stones. The stones lead up directly to the stones at Stonehendge, called the avenue, almost a set of stones in Grand Alignment it seems. There are supposedly Male and Female energy stones at the entrance of set stones, and a Henge clearly visable and FREE to walk around at you own leisure and pace, the stones are touchable and many offerings of Love and Light are left,there is a famous Tree called Tolkens Tree inspired J.R.R Tolkens walking trees in Lord of the Rings. We sat under this amazing tree for a good hour alone with the sun setting and birds having the most beautiful chatter, a woman arrived silently and sat breathing in the energy and singing beautifuly to the evening dusk. The tree smelled of the most beautiful essential oils that others had left as offerings, Jasmine, Orange, Patchouli and insense with ribbons fluttering from the branches.

The Stone circles, Anunnaki History and ancient places all add to the mystery of research to continue further, the passion for our work continues.

We returned home a few hours later, slowly, relaxed and in a little AWE, until next time, our Adventure has only just begun.......

Dollie and Thomas on the Road maybe to a place near you xx

Dollie & Thomas Jensen MMS

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