Modern Spaceport found in China ?

Deep inside the Gobi desert in China, far away from almost everything, there are some strange constructions build by the Chinese military.

When looking at the areas you can't help thinking that somethings not right here, or with other words something strange is going on here !

The first thing we noticed (Dollie and Thomas) was what we in the video has described as a "Spaceport", the reason for that describtion is very simple, No planes in the "airport" or on the landingstrips, no helicopters either.

The strange round patern that for some looks like the number 8 is seen allover the area both inside and outside the "Spaceport".

What have caused all these patterns ? and what are the drawings on the landing strips representing as spoken of in the video ?

The questions are many but one of the best questions is... Why is there starsymbols embedded in the ground all around the area ?

In one case we see the symbol of the Sun with the symbol of planet Jupiter and the symbol of Earth inside its outer circular frame (picture below). 

The picture (screenshot from Google Earth), show us very clear the symbol of the sun, the symbol of Planet Jupiter and Planet Earth

What purpose does these symbols serve ?

Is it a welcome sign saying "Welcome to Earth a planet in the solarsystem assisted by inhabitants of Jupiter" ?

The star symbols that are visible in most of the area around the "Spaceport" are not the only strange things going on, also multiple triangles are visible even without much effort. What do these triangles represent other than (in Chinese astrology) planet Earth ? and what purpose do they serve ?. Picture below.

The triangular shaped object is measured to be 52 meters each way.

More pictures from Google Earth of the "Spaceport"

The triangle below is measured to be 52 meter on each side

The symbol of the sun with the symbols of Jupiter and Earth inside is measured to be approxiamately 50 meters in diameter

The area next to the military facility looks to us as an ancient site of construction, what purpose it serve we dont know

Article by Dollie Indigostar and

Thomas Mikey Jensen