Mars Anomalies That need Explaining

Are we looking at a smoking gun on NASAs satellitre image from the Martian surface.

Could we be looking at an underground structure exposed to daylight !

After reviewing this anomaly we decided to raise the question Are we looking at concrete walls or somekind of underground structure on Mars ? If we are the next question would be who built it ?

People have suggestions from sand dunes, natural formations to underground basement structure and still active underground base on Mars

Please leave a comment on YouTube and tell us what you think we could be looking at !

What could we posibly be looking at here on This NASA satellite image of Mars ?

Are we looking at the remains of an advance civilization on the Red Planet Mars !

We dig deeper into the Gigapan by Keith Laney that reveals what to us need some serious explaining from NASA.

Are we looking at ancient ruins ?

Are we looking at road or canals ?

Have a look at the Gigapan to see for yourself.

Once again we take you through a Gigapan on the Martian surface.

This time its from Curiosity Rover's 1448th day on Mars.

Are we looking at natural shaped rocks or are we looking at carved rocks !

Its for sure outr opinion that it dont to us look natural at all.

Tell us what you think ? Carved square blocks on Mars !

On todays Gigapan tour we are on Curiosity Rover's image of day 2620 and looking at what looks like stairs carved into a rock and could it be an artificial construction in the background ?

Please have a look at the Gigapan for yourself to decide what you see.

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