Did Anomaly Hunter Find a Lunar Base

on NASA's LROC Image

What could we be looking at here on the Lunar surface, image provided by NASAs Lunar Reconnaissence Orbiter Camera.

In operation since 2009, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) is a system of three cameras mounted on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) that capture high resolution photos of the lunar surface.


Could we be looking at a Lunar Base nearby a Moon henge and what looks like a pyramid connected to the near location, with several tracks and strange anomalies with one anomaly in particular seems to be a standing structure casting a shaddow opposite to a crater with a diameter between 20 - 25 meters.


Could this be an abandoned or active Lunar base ?

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Image found by Dollie Indigostar Jensen (UFAH) Mars Moon Space TV



LROC source link: https://quickmap.lroc.asu.edu

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