ISS UFO caught on go pro camera

What did the 2 ISS Astronauts film with their go pro cameras, during the 41 EVA outside the ISS spacestation ?

Do ice particles change direction and speed or space debris for that matter ?

Could we be looking at a smoking gun filmed by NASA's own astronauts ?

This go pro video is just one of many videos from NASA showing moving objects in space that changes direction and sometimes

also slowing down while being recorded by the cameras.

This 5 minute video is just one of many recorded incidents from the upcoming documentary "DocUFObia Life Beyond Our Existence" that

will be available on Vimeo October 2017.

Below another ISS UFO recorded from Atlantis spaceshuttle on Mission 117 in 2007

Again we can ask us self....  What do we actually know about life in space and whats really out there ?