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Part 1 looks at the beginings of the Secret Space programs.

Thomas Mikey Jensen, Dollie Indigo-Star and Billy Carson present insight into some of the many witness accounts of individuals who claim to have memory recall in 20/20 - 60/60 programs including Tony Rodrigues - William White Crow - EL Ka the Star Traveler - Laura Eisenhower -

How Far does the rabbit hole go ???

Technology, age regeneration, Timetravel, Programs and much much more to come in Part 2 of The SecretSpace Program Docufobia - SuperSoul/Dure POI - AI - Clones - Hybrids - Fertility Programs

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Mars Moon Space Tv is a channel dedicated to assist in finding and sharing information and finds of phenomena from accross the Universe and Globe.

Founder Thomas Mikey Jensen Researcher UFAH - Documentary Film maker - Researcher Anunnaki History - Presenter of Mars Moon Space Tv alongside Co Founder and Co-host Dollie Indigo Jensen.

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We share the best to our knowledge and rely highly on our dedicated subscribers for the continuation of this channel. We seek and interview the BEST associates, collegues who work hard and are dedicated to their research and findings to assist the anomaly and phenomena community. Email our website address for more information or Donations of support. We thank all contributors for their appreciated assistance. All questions and videos send to our link below : Marsmoonspace@gmail.com