Life Beyond Our Existence

Is there life beyond our own existence?
The question has been asked by many and only a few people have the knowledge and answers that we are searching for. 

Some of those "few" people are employees at NASA and are handling videos from ISS LIVE cameras and videos from the STS mission, Apollo missions etc. etc. 

We might not get an answer to our questions right here, right now, but we have something else that we can look at from which we can draw our own conclusions ! And that is all the video material from NASA that is available to the public - and that will be what we are scrutinising in DocUFObia.

* Can ice particles accelerate and slow down in space ?

* Can space debris make right or left turn in space and 
   does it pulsate with a bright light ?

* What are the astronauts on STS mission 29 speaking 
   of when they say " we still have the alien 
   spacecraft under observance" ?

* And what did the astronaut on STS mission 73 mean 
   when she said “We have an unidentified flying object" ?

Enjoy DocUFObia and prepare yourself and your friends for the upcoming disclosure on Life in our Universe..

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