The Dome on Mars

By David Gannett

Its July, the year is 2015, UFAH (United Family of Anomaly Hunters) was still taking its first steps as an organisation, and one of the members came with a post about Mars including an Opportunity image from Sol 4073 that took away the breath from all of us.


The name of the anomaly hunter is David Gannett, an (at the time) a relative unknown person who love to look at Mars images from Opportunity Spirit and Curiosity inch by inch. He found and posted the now famous "Dome on Mars" and the image went world wide viral.

Every YouTube channel that did videos on anomalies had to take their shot with the image and many news sites used it as well in their articles where for some the evidence of life on Mars is undeniable when looking at Davids find.

NASA source: Opportunity Sol 4073

His picture was presented on both Mars conferences in

2016 and 2017 in Mobile Alabama where he also received

credit and mentioning multiple times during the conferences.

David himself took it calm but he admits that when he saw the

first 10 different news articles and videos with his pictures and

name on it he felt awesome and happy to see his work being

shared world wide.

David works now with 3 D Mars images, which you can find

on Facebook, and if you have 3 D glasses you will get a

Martian experience out of this world.

You can follow David on Facebook and see his postings in some of the UFAH groups that you can find via UFAH's page on Facebook

The original video from November 2015 that made Davids Dome world wide famous.