Did Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter take a picture of a crash site


Durng a review of an older satellite image from Planet Mars taken by the satellite named Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 30 January 2010, a strange out of place anomaly appeared.

What looks like a crash site with an impact caused by an unknown object skidding through the surface, can be seen on the satellite image from Mars. 

It have the same features as the well known "Google UFO Crash site".

According to Thomas Mikey Jensen Co founder of UFAH, United Family of Anomaly Hunters, the anomaly is estimated to be approximately 8.9 meters in diameter

He explain that the size is based on the data from NASA's UA Hirise (Link below) that tells us that 1 pixel on the image is 32 cm and the Meassuring tool provided with the software to view satellite images meassured it to be 28 pixels wide.

He also emphatizes that a it would be imposible to see Humans or same size beings from the Satellite that took the image from a distance to the Martian surface of 319,9 kilometer(198,8 Miles).

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Thomas Mikey Jensen Mars
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