Constructions on the Martian surface ?

This picture was released by NASA November 17  2017, and what can be seen on it can probably be discussed by many people with different point of views. 

To us (MMS TV) that found this anomaly December 21 2017, it looks like constructions or foundations of something that once was standing there.

We believe though we cannot give you any proof besides the image, that this is the leftovers of an ancient civilization on Mars, or maybe a present civilization still on the Martian surface ! 

The area we are looking at is huge, the small "building" with the round hole in the middle is approximately between 80 meters to 100 meters wide from top til bottom. 

Other people that we have consulted believe that it could be a part of the US Secret Space Program on Mars and a possibly entrance for crafts to enter their facility.

Many Whistleblowers have spoken of facilities on the Martian surface and how some of them "should" be visible on the satellite images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter with it's high resolution camera (link below).

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Link to NASA's source of origin:


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