Brown Mountain Lights

The Brown mountain lights have been subject to investigation since the early 1900s surrounding the mysterious lights phenomena captured within the mountains in North Carolina USA. Investigating teams of students from ASU Appleacian University in North Carolina are investigating the strange phenomena, and have seemed to capture some interesting footage of lights and also on further investigation more multiple objects possibly UAP, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

We take a look at the footage that has been speeded up to 50 % and sloweded down in slow motion to screen capture objects seen shooting through the skies. We question what are we looking at ? We discuss the latest weekly social media News, this week focusing on Tyler from Secureteam 10 and the jepordisation of the channel with supporters supporting his mission globaly. Please leave your comment below.


Links provided from the original sources:


Scientific Research Camera Team:

Brown Mountain Lights:


Coloured captured still images of the Brown Mountain Lights:


Still frames from the original source