Is The Baltic Sea Anomaly an Ancient Construction ?

The ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) video footage from the Baltic Sea Anomaly that Peter Lindberg sent to us in 2016, has now been scrutinized frame by frame by Us at MMS TV.

The pictures shown today is from the public available video from 2012 but not seen before processed and scrutinized frame by frame.

Many has suggested that the BSA was a crashed UFO, some have suggested it is a simple rock while others has suggested the ancient construction theory.

We dont claim to know what the BSA is or where it came from, but we do want to share this video of a specific area of interest from that BSA.

What we saw could be the remnants of an ancient construction, there is for sure what looks like a brickwall with other objects on top of it that make you wonder once again, what could this be ?

Please look through our video pause it and look at again. Please share with your friends. 

This article, video, and pictures are made by Thomas & Dollie

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