Area 51 Nevada

The rumors of whats going on inside Area 51 has been speculated many times, and after the release of Google Maps in 2003 which caused even more speculations of what posibly could have occured over the area, with some of the many mysterious objects that have been found and discovered, which has now left even more room for speculations that has caused even more rumors inside of Area 51.

We decided to take a deeper look into this mysterious landscape, taking a look at the many pictures already discovered by Google Earth viewers across the vast desert by following coordinates and pathways, we found this area of interest sparked our curiosity to delve around the locations, possibly discovering a few new places unseen before on this desolate area.

Below we have added all our images for you to review, together with our video. We also decided not to add more text to these pictures as most of them speak for them self, its left for you to decide what is going on in Area 51.

Below are the pictures discovered and taken from Google Earth.

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Dollie Indigostar


Thomas Mikey Jensen