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Are UFO's Real !

New Upcoming Documentary by SpaceLink Tv 

We are looking into how the Danes are perceiving the UFO phenomenom Vs United Kingdom & U.S.A

Why do we have so many recordings from other countries and almost nothing from Denmark

Why have the Danish defence minister said that the millitary in Denmark have had no UFO sightings the last 10 years !

We speak to alot of different people from higher millitary ranking officers and down to school children

We also dive into alot of Danish "Ufo" recordings that people dont believe exist !

The recordings for this documentary will begin in January 2022 and we are still seeking people to participate no matter if they belive or not to cover all aspect of how the Danes perceive the Phenomenom !

Whats the difference from England and U.S.A and the way they publish UFO videos from millitary facillities vs how we do in Denmark !

Send us an email if you want to participate or if you will recommend specific people to join in at

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